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Journalism with Augmented Reality

By Adam Levy

On September 22, we published our second step into the world of Augmented Reality, and it's a big one.  (You can check out the story here, and the AR feature is viewable in the iOS Classic app, which you can download here.)  I wanted to take a step back and outline the decisions we made, how we see the AR landscape, and what we're doing now and in the future to participate.

Digital News Planning at The Washington Post

By Ryan Gladstone

In the 20th century, the most pressing process question for newspapers was how to capture the news of the day and distribute it via print. The highly choreographed ritual of putting out the paper became known as The Daily Miracle. Even today, the definitive thud of a newspaper landing on your doorstep each morning requires a workflow nimble enough to handle the uncertainty of news, the whims of advertisers, and the vagaries of weather.