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Journalism with Augmented Reality

By Adam Levy

On September 22, we published our second step into the world of Augmented Reality, and it's a big one.  (You can check out the story here, and the AR feature is viewable in the iOS Classic app, which you can download here.)  I wanted to take a step back and outline the decisions we made, how we see the AR landscape, and what we're doing now and in the future to participate.

Towards More Effective Unit Tests in Swift (and iOS in General)

By Aaron Crespo

I often pose a question to fellow engineers: “Given a Magic Engineer Wand™ what’s one thing you would improve about how apps get built at your company?”. Usually the answers I get boil down to something related to poorly tested code or code missing tests. Often they’ll respond with “I wish we had more unit tests”, “I wish we had better unit tests”, or “I wish it was easier for me to write unit tests with my codebase”, “Slow releases due to regressions”. Crashes suck and one good measure of the health of your code is your test coverage and test suite. Hopefully in this post I can show you some strategies to decouple your code and your tests, making it easier to write healthier apps.