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Running network constrained applications on EC2

By Patrick Cullen

At the Washington Post, we run Nginx and Kafka which are both network constrained applications. This means they will run out of network bandwidth before they run out of other resources like CPU or memory.
Running network constrained applications on EC2 is challenging because EC2 does not provide any specific data on network bandwidth for EC2 instances. To solve this problem I did some simple network bandwidth testing to see which EC2 instances provide the best network bandwidth for the price.

Developer Day 2015

By Sruti Cheedalla

On October 27, 2015, the Engineering team held its first Developer Day event. We had a simple goal, carve out a small space in time where we could gather as developers from across the organization to connect on all things tech. After months of planning we were able to enjoy mingling with each other as we heard interesting talks on how we use big data to predict article success, tips to manage growing teams, the hidden secrets to creating “Chatbots”, and many more.

Immutable Infrastructure

By Patrick Cullen

At the Post we have adopted a microservice architecture to keep our teams moving fast and focused on building exciting reader features. Unfortunately, microservices come with their own complexity including an increase in servers and deployment frequency. These additional moving parts can exaggerate configuration drift in production, leading to a configuration management nightmare and ultimately reader facing problems.