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Internationalizing AngularJS with Angular Translate

By Brendan Magee

When you have a global user base, you need to develop your Angular app so that it’s flexible enough to accommodate the different languages, customs, and conventions of your users. This is certainly the case with WebSked, Arc Publishing’s newsroom planning tool. This post details our approach to internationalizing WebSked—it covers the challenges we faced, and how we solved them using some open source Angular libraries. Before we dive into the details of the code, here’s some background on the app in question.

Digital News Planning at The Washington Post

By Ryan Gladstone

In the 20th century, the most pressing process question for newspapers was how to capture the news of the day and distribute it via print. The highly choreographed ritual of putting out the paper became known as The Daily Miracle. Even today, the definitive thud of a newspaper landing on your doorstep each morning requires a workflow nimble enough to handle the uncertainty of news, the whims of advertisers, and the vagaries of weather.