From The Washington Post Engineering team.

Recap: Women In Tech Summit

By Austin Graff

The Washington Post Engineering and WashPostLife hosted the Women In Tech Summit at The Washington Post DC office Friday, March 23. Nearly 300 women and men in technology from across the Mid-Atlantic gathered to inspire, educate, and connect with each other. Throughout the day, participants attended hands-on workshops, discussions about careers in tech, and keynote addresses from women leaders from The Meet Group, Epilogue Systems, and other top companies. The Washington Post's Linda Botkin, Director, Publishing & Circulation Systems, kicked off the conference in the morning delivering the welcome address.

Smoke Testing with Promo Codes

By Andrew Schoenfeld

For instructions to redeem a promo code, skip to Redeeming a promo code Before releasing a new version of our apps, we always conduct a final smoke test to make sure everything is in working order before it goes out to the public. While TestFlight is great, a true production smoke test requires a device that has never been through the instability of beta builds, and ideally covers fresh install and the upgrade path.

Browsing With No Heads On

By Omar Ahmad

We were given the task here at the Washington Post to create a utility that could take screen captures of interactive (read: JavaScript) based elements, and load them into our Content API, to be used in place of that code for our mobile team. It seemed straightforward, and teams had already done this before: during the 2016 elections, constant screenshots of our election map were being generated using PhantomJS. So, off we went, hoping that PhantomJS and its descendants would help us out.

Recap: Top Women In Tech Hosted By The Washington Post at Fifth Annual Tech Lady Hackathon

By Austin Graff

In the spirit of collaboration and inclusion, Wash Post Life and Washington Post Engineering hosted the fifth annual Tech Lady Hackathon on Saturday, October 21, 2017. The day long hackathon brought together several hundred women from around the DC area for a day of training, discussions, and of course, a civic hackathon. (Standing room only for the fifth annual Lady Tech Hackathon)

Journalism with Augmented Reality

By Adam Levy

On September 22, we published our second step into the world of Augmented Reality, and it's a big one.  (You can check out the story here, and the AR feature is viewable in the iOS Classic app, which you can download here.)  I wanted to take a step back and outline the decisions we made, how we see the AR landscape, and what we're doing now and in the future to participate.

Recap: The Washington Post Hosts Code(Her) Conference Second Year In A Row

By Austin Graff

On September 15-16, Wash Post Life and Washington Post Engineering hosted DC Web Women's Code(Her) Conference for the second year in a row, bringing together a diverse group of technology leaders in the region for two days of discussion and immersive training. DCWW President and Code(Her) organizer, Sibyl, kicks off the conference (Code(Her) MC and Wash Post Life’s, Lisa welcomes participants)

Recap: The Washington Post Hosts Two Major Engineering Events

By Austin Graff

As part of a series of outreach events to raise awareness of The Washington Post's engineering brand and career opportunities, the Human Resources and Engineering teams hosted two major engineering events at The Washington Post Live Center. On Thursday, May 18th, The Washington post hosted the annual DC Fem Tech Awards, an awards ceremony honoring powerful women programmers, designers, and data scientists based in the Washington, DC region. Two members of The Post's engineering team, Anita Hall and Angela Wong, were honored with awards for their accomplishments in Engineering and Data Science, respectively.